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Tempest News | February 2020

Good morning! Today in Tempest News: An interview with Sella Nevo of Google's Crisis Response Team, exciting strides in wildfire research, an update on the EPIC forecasting initiative, and the economic toll of changing weather. Like what we're doing? Share with a friend and they can sign up here to get Tempest newsletter each month.
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Top 10 Most Common Questions About the Tempest Weather System

When WeatherFlow’s new Tempest Weather System launched on Kickstarter in early November, the campaign was fully funded in less than three hours. It quickly became the most popular tech campaign on Kickstarter, and the momentum only continued when Tempest carried forward on Indiegogo this month. With production in full swing, one thing is clear--people have A LOT of questions! Here, we break down the most common questions we receive about the soon-to-be-released Tempest:
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Welcome to 2020! This is the time of year when perfection (or, at the very least, improvement) once again seems attainable, through carefully considered goals and resolutions. By developing good habits (or breaking bad ones), small but significant change is within reach of each individual.
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