Posted by Riley Fenoglio ● June, 2021

2021 Father's Day Gift Guide


Oh, dads.  We love 'em, but we hate to buy for them.  Just after the dust has finally settled from all the planning, purchasing, visiting, sending, gifting, or calling that goes along with Mother's Day, it's time to do it all again - but this time around, dad's the star of the show.  But let's face it: most dads are notoriously hard to buy for.  

Finding the right gift on Father's Day can be a challenge, but we've done some of the hard work for you and compiled a list of over 20 of our favorite tech gadgets, grilling accessories, outdoor equipment, and more.  Whether your dad's ideal Saturday is a day on the lake, a backyard barbecue, checking out the newest home automation device, or at a tailgate, we've got something for everyone.  (Don't worry, we've even got something for the dads who'd rather spend their days at a comic convention.) Keep reading to check out what we've curated below!


A sleek personal weather station

Tempest System with Hub


The Tempest System by WeatherFlow is an ultimate techie dad gift he didn't know he needed. Getting more insightful and accurate weather data has never been simpler than with Tempest, and its' home integration capabilities will help your dad turn his home into a smart home like never before.  Plus, right now you can shop Father's Day bundles or get $40 off a Tempest over on the WeatherFlow shop! 

A small speaker with a big sound

Bose Home Speaker


Reviewed as one of the best and most versatile smart speakers, the Bose Home Speaker 300 will have your dad rockin’ out to his favorite music in style. The speaker’s sleek and compact design comes packed with features like voice assistants and omnidirectional sound for the most natural listening experience.

A drone that won't break the bank

Drone on gray background


Not only are drones cool tech gadgets with increasingly unique features and capabilities, let’s face it: they’re also just plain fun to fly around. We like the Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone because of its camera quality, smart control features complete with voice control, and reasonable price point. If
you’re looking to impress your techie dad this Father’s Day without breaking the bank, the Holy Stone HS110D just might be for you.



A subscription to a monthly grilling club

Example of Grill Masters Club box

Grill Master's Club

Your dad will love being a member of the Grill Master’s Club, whether they are new to grilling or have been a master for years. He'll get quality ingredients, recipes, sauces, and more shipped straight to his door each month plus access to a whole community of grill enthusiasts just like him.

A motorized grill cleaning brush

Grill Cleaning Brush


If you’ve got a grilling obsessed Dad, chances are he is using his grill often enough to need a good cleaning method.  We found the perfect tool to help you dad get his grill sparkling clean each and every time – a motorized grill brush.  Complete with steam cleaning power, this brush will literally do the dirty work for him and give Dad’s grill grates the scrubbing they deserve.

A grilling tool set complete with everything he needs

Contents of grill cleaning tool kit in case


A great pairing to the grilling subscription, give dad all the tools he needs when working at the grill with this 13-piece toolset from Cuisinart.  These tools have wooden handles and are longer than traditional kitchen tools to allow for ease of reach over the smoking hot grill. Plus, this gift is probably a win-win because what better way to say thank you for a gift like this than to use them and grill for the family? They need be broken in, right?



A cool and compact handheld weather meter

A weather meter and mobile app projection WeatherFlow

No matter if your outdoorsy dad is out hiking, camping, spending the day at the lake, or any outdoor activity he’ll be better prepared and better informed with the WEATHERmeter from WeatherFlow.  Our little meters pack a lot of accuracy and reliability into data on wind like speed and direction, temperature and humidity, pressure readings, and more.  The best part?  He’ll get all this information straight to his smartphone, keeping him up to date while on the go outside!

A handy hammock for any occasion

Multi-colored ENO Doublenest


Even in the great outdoors, dad deserves a perfect place to kick up his feet and relax.  A hammock can be easily set up in minutes and offers a comfortable spot for reading, napping, or simply enjoying the outdoors.  They're durable, portable (obviously), and the DoubleNest from ENO holds up to 400 pounds and comes in a variety of colors so you'll be sure to find one your dad loves.

A good hiking boot

Hiking boot with laces


If your dad is the outdoorsy type you can never go wrong with gifting a new pair of hiking boots.  Making sure your dad stays comfortable and safe in a boot that’s built to last will let him know you care about him and his hobbies. We chose a great boot from Timberland that are made from full-grain leather with a rubber outsole making them waterproof and durable for all types of terrain.



A 3D Star Wars lamp 

Star Wars 3D lamp design options


Dads will geek out over this Star Wars-themed 3D lamp.  He can choose between three designs and seven different colors, making this lamp the perfect addition to any office, bedroom, reading room, or even gaming room.

A cool vintage tee of his favorite comic book

Vintage Spider Man Tee


Impress your dad with your knowledge about him by gifting him a vintage-style tee of his favorite comic series.  Clothes are always a safe option for Father’s Day, and leaning into his geeky side will surely make your shirt of choice his new favorite tee. (You DO know his favorite comic series, right?)



A cool illuminating backlight for his monitor or TV

Monitor backlight with features


Help dad take his gamer den to the next level with some LED backlights for his desktop monitor or TV.  Our pick from NiteBird includes a 9.2 foot LED strip allowing it to be used for screens up to 60 inches and pairs with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

An even cooler gaming chair complete with wireless audio

Gaming Chair with side control panel shown


Keep dad comfortable during long gaming sessions with a pedestal gaming chair.  Gaming chairs can offer more lumbar support and are designed and cushioned for long hours sitting down.  Plus, he’ll get a more immersive gaming experience when using the wireless headrest speakers, enhancing his gaming experience while keeping him comfortable.  Be careful, you might not see him for a while after this gift.



A membership to SailFlow

Sailflow logo over boater


Keep dad in the know to changing wind conditions while out on the water with a membership to SailFlow.  With his subscription he will get access to detailed wind information like speed and direction for his exact sailing location.

A grill he can mount right to his boat

Mountable Boat Grill-1


Boat dad, meet grill dad. Grill dad, meet boat dad.  This portable boat grill is ideal for dads who loves a great meal while out on the water. It can mount right into a rod holder or stand on adjustable legs.  It’s stainless steel, meaning it will be easy to clean (a favorite for Dad) and look great attached to the boat. 

A boat cleaning kit

Boat Cleaning Kit box with contents on box front label

West Marine

Chances are, if your dad is a big enough boating enthusiast to own his own boat, he’s also probably pretty invested in the cleanliness of his boat.  This simple kit comes with everything your dad will need to keep his boat shining bright, including a super soft wash mitt, high quality cleaning solutions, and a large bucket for cleaning and storage.



A goal oriented planner

MiGoals Goal setting planner


If you’ve got a workaholic dad, he’s most likely got a lot on his plate and some big goals to achieve.  Help him stay on track day to day and looking at the bigger picture with the 2021 Goal Digger planner from MiGoals.  The planner comes with areas specified for short and long-term goal planning, monthly reviews, lined and blank sections for notes along the way, and more.

A simple but effective desk organizer

Desk organizer with office supplies inside


While we’re on the topic of keeping dad organized, another can’t-go-wrong gift idea for the busy office dad is a desk organizer.  Our pick has a compartmented shelf in the bottom for all of his loose pens, paperclips, sticky notes, and replacement staples.  It also includes a letter tray and stacking sorter section on the top, so dad finally has a central place at his desk for everything he needs throughout the day.

A pair of noise-canceling headphones

Noise Canceling headphones


Office dad, meet techie dad (but let’s be honest, there’s probably a lot of natural overlap there). Help dad stay focused while working with a pair of noise-canceling headphones by Bose.  These wireless headphones offer three levels of noise cancellation, come equipped with Amazon Alexa, and have a battery life of up to 20 hours so your dad can use them all day.



A set of whiskey rocks

Whiskey rocks in glass of whiskey


A classic Father’s Day gift, this set of 9 gray whiskey rocks is a gift that any Dad who enjoys a cold drink will enjoy.  This is a great gift option that Dad will appreciate without breaking the bank.

A "Best Dad Ever" mug

Best Dad Ever mug


Another classic gift option is dad swag -- items proclaiming your dad’s status as THE best Dad ever. We chose a mug, but realistically this could also be a T-shirt, organizer bag, or any piece of merchandise that screams to the world that you've got the #1 Dad. 


We hope there’s something on this list that caught your eye as the perfect gift this Father’s Day!  You can always never go wrong with a heartfelt card or even taking your dad out for a meal, hike, boat tour, or other experience if none of the physical gifts above suit your style.  No matter what path you choose to take, remember that Father’s Day is coming up quicker than you might think!

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